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top android rats

I found some very interesting android remote administration tools that let me hack into my target’s smartphone remotely. Here I am gonna share these top 3 android RATs that you can download free of cost.

1. Andro RAT

Androrat is a client/server software advanced in Java Android for the consumer side and in Java/Swing for the Server. It have high-quality capabilities that would interest you.

– Get contacts and logs
– Spy all chat conversations
– Track GPS
– Browser History
– Live Phone Monitor
– Remote Camera and Mic
– Send text messages and Make a call

You can also follow a step by step tutorial of how to hack a phone remotely.

2. DroidJack

DroidJack is an android remote administration tools lets in a person to control the someone’s cellphone remotely. It has many features which allows a user to get admission to faraway smartphone and carry out specific operations. Download droidjack absolutely cracked. DroidJack is one of the top list as it also have the functionality to read/write WhatsApp messages which no other RAT have. It is capable of running in Stealth mode, so no one can notice it’s activity.

– Check Messages
– Tap to Calls
– Contacts
– Remote Camera
– Remote Mic
– Browser History
– Apps Info
– Hidden App

3. SpyNote

SpyNote is an android far flung administration tool that permits a person to control the a person’s smartphone remotely. It has many features which allows a user to get admission to remote cellphone and perform particular operations.


– Read Messages
– Spy on Calls
– Contacts Explorer
– Remote Camera for Video and Capturing Photos
– Remote Mic to spy on conversations
– Check Browser History
– Get GPS Location
– Complete Phone and Apps Info


OmniRAT comes second at the best android remote administration tools list. It’s also very powerful RAT and comes with multi OS support which means it can be used from smartphone to smartphone or using a Windows or Mac PC machine. It have huge list of features that make it very powerful. It can make calls through that smartphone remotely. It’s completely fully undetectable.

5. AhMyth

AhMyth is also very powerful android RATs (remote administrator tool) that gives you complete power to establish control over your kid’s or other beloveds’ Android smartphones with really an easy to use Graphical User Interface and all the features you need to monitor them.

6. SpyMax

Spy MAX is one of the top android remote administration tools list, It’s the most advanced and upgraded version of SpyNote. It’s most user-friendly remote administration tool ever introduced.

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